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Alerts when new email messages arrive
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Be notified instantly of any new emails on your address as soon as they arrive in your inbox. Works with Gmail as well as with other email services and keeps track of multiple accounts at the same time.

Gmail Notifier Pro is a mail notifier with the ability to check multiple accounts. The application alerts you whenever new e-mails arrive at your inbox. It can also be used to check other Gmail products including Google+ and Google Drive, as well Twitter, Facebook, news readers, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange accounts, Yahoo! Mail, among others.

After a simple installation, the first step to start using the application is adding a new account. The process is easy to carry out; along with the login and authentication details, you can also add a description to identify different accounts, for example 'Personal email', 'Work e-mail', etc.

Once an account is set, the application will notify you of new incoming emails by means of fancy desktop notifications with sound alerts. The main panel shows all received e-mails, with the chance of displaying a selected email contents in the right panel. All the actions available in Gmail can be found in the apps menus, so it is possible to mark e-mails as read, add stars, reply, report as spam, delete, print, etc.

Digging into the Options menu, you will find many settings to configure, from the update interval to adjusting the way notifications are displayed, their position on the screen, etc.

There are many other features that make this Gmail notifier a powerful and efficient tool, like its integration with the most used email clients, support for Atom and IMAP protocols, and integration with social networks. Gmail Notifier Pro comes in several versions, one of which is free for personal use and limited to two accounts.

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  • Ability to check multiple accounts
  • Feature-rich
  • Customizable
  • Free for personal use


  • Free version is limited to two accounts
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