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It can check multiple accounts for new messages and display notifications
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Julie McClain I started with the trial version and then upgraded to the "registered" personal license, which I now totally regret. The trial version only handles up to (2) accounts, but with the personal license you should be able to add much more. I was only able to add (3) different accounts (Gmail, Twitter, Feedly) and anything else I add states "Account Validation Failed". I've tried everything and made sure all the account information was correct as well as the settings. Unfortunately, this program has failed miserably. Since upgrading, the program has become increasingly slower and has crashed on multiple times.
I've tried to contact the programmer on several occasions but haven't received one response. I thought this program had a lot of potential and thought it would be much easier to access my accounts in one place, but unfortunately I was wrong. I hope the issues I'm currently having are a glitch in version 5.3 and that the programmer will correct the problem.

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